About Me


  I am a self-taught 3d Environment/Prop Artist with 7 years experience in game development. I started my journey in game development in late 2009 as a modder which eventually led to me to working with independent game studios. I worked my way up to professional freelance work which provided me more experience and then I moved into professional in-house studio work. I previously worked at Crytek and now I am currently a World Artist at Bethesda Game Studios. I enjoy working with others and learning from them. I am very ambitious, dedicated, and passionate about video games and art, I try to be come a better artist every single day . I try to challenge myself with my personal work and step out of my comfort zone. I have various different hobbies and interests including playing sports, fitness, hiking, tinkering with new technology, science, photography and nature.

Currently works as a World Artist at Bethesda Game Studios.